Circus Theater Workshop -Headline

The joy inherent in everyone can, with the aid of creative and theatrical techniques, lead to joyous,
comical expression and shows.
This will be explored during the workshop, Joy Inside and Out.
Participants will learn circus and theater skills, such as juggling, pantomime and clown techniques.

Circus Theater Workshop

They will also learn how to apply these
techniques, through the use of individual
and ensemble improvisations, to a public
performance at the end of the workshop.
The experience of creating a public perfor-
mance can help them to create other
joyous comedy shows.
Joy Inside and Out has been given at
theater academies, yoga and personal
growth centers as well as cultural insti-
tutions throughout Europe including the
Moscow State Circus School.

Curriculum Outline

I Learning skills
– Juggling
– Object manipulation
Circus Theater Workshop
– Human pyramid building
– Balancing objects
– Pantomime
– Clown and comedy techniques

II Application of learned skills
– Self-created sketches
– Individual & ensemble improvisations
– Public performances
– The workshop can be given to inexperienced
  adults, students or professional actors.

– It can be applied to the specific needs of the
– Minimum age: 12
– Maximum number of participants: 18
– Duration of the workshop can vary from 3 days
  to 1 week


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