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Zarco Polo

You won’t believe your eyes !…

Ganesha, the amazing, walking, talking,
singing elephant will tip-toe into your heart.

Ganesha performs her amazing One-
Elephant-Show, accompanied by Zarco
Polo, the last of the great Mongol Sul-
tans, his younger brother VW Polo and
his beautiful, belly-dancing wife, Gisela
Ha Bi Bi.








Zarco Polo


Zarco Polo

They have traveled for 687 years over the
mountains, through the valleys, and across
the deserts filled with savage beasts …
with their wonderful Harem Queen who knows
the real Elixir of Eternal Youth: Fun

Zarco PoloZarco Polo

A fascinating show – combining comedy, circus, dance and fairytale dreams.

Zarco Polo Zarco Polo Zarco Polo

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